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The City Summer Loafer

This week, Paris presents Men’s Fashion Week and Galet has the perfect city summer loafer for the occasion.

Galet has collaborated with the luxury streetwear brand, Dent De Man, to create a special monochrome collection. Dent De Man are known for their iconic prints and urban style.

The black model offers chic and sophisticated Parisan style and, despite what anyone says, black will always remain the new black. As an alternative to the sneaker, we have also created a white model, which offers a crisp look to any outfit.

From Paris to New York to Tokyo, city dwellers have chosen th...

Featured Loafers

English Collection

The English collection, created for Fall/Winter 2015, is inspired by British heritage. Galet reinterprets three iconic patterns with surprising and intricate detail: a Houndstooth composed of French bulldogs; Prince of Wales Check fashioned from Orc...